• 弊社では国内外問わず、「自動車パーツ」・「バイクパーツ」関連商材をお持ちの【 メーカー様・業者様 】の委託販売を行なっております。




  • Regardless of domestic and overseas, we are engaged in consignment sale from [manufacturers] who have related goods of "automobile parts" · "bike parts".

    Sales outlets correspond widely to domestic major shopping malls, their own EC site, overseas market place, and we are doing product page creation / LP creation with SEO considering conforming vehicles.

    Moreover, it is possible to carry out speedy sales development by carrying out product shooting, movie shooting, editing and all at our company in the shooting studio.
    In our own warehouse, which is the logistics base, we are collecting all the product management tasks such as inspection, inspection, and packing from receipt using the system, and we are engaged in sales and management that emphasizes inventory turnover rates.

    Pleas feel free to contact us about consignment needs and product exhibition.
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